The Innovative Nuls Solution Will Aid Suisse Blockchain in Shaping the Future of the Blockchain Industry.

NULS Partners With Suisse Blockchain – Incubator With Its Own IDO Platform

Press release: The Innovative Nuls Solution Will Aid Suisse Blockchain in Shaping the Future of the Blockchain Industry.


August 8th, 2022, Singapore: NULS Blockchain is delighted to announce its partnership with Suisse Blockchain. The partnership is a blending of expertise, as Suisse Blockchain is rooted in marketing and regulatory compliance; NULS is grounded in blockchain and multi-chain technologies. Both are committed to a future where blockchain startups are enabled to grow and market their vision for the future of blockchain. Together, NULS and Suisse Blockchain are creating and supporting an IDO and incubator platform.


Blockchain is known for its technical and legal complexities – high barriers for blockchain startups to navigate. The mission of Suisse Blockchain is to lower those barriers and enable startups to grow without the limits of potential roadblocks. In other words, to facilitate blockchain startups to shape their future.


Streamlining the Incubation Process

The Suisse Blockchain team works hand-in-hand with the NULS team, continually strengthening the security and the future of the upcoming projects. Blockchain is an evolving technology with constantly changing rules and regulations. It is important to navigate the immediate while keeping sight of the future. Suisse Blockchain takes care of that through code auditing, due diligence research, and a deep commitment to regulation. The foundation of Suisse Blockchain is the legal framework of the forward-looking Swiss DLT-Law.


This collaboration enables blockchain ideas and visions not yet dreamed of to flourish. As more blockchain startups appear with new ideas and concepts combined with the  Metaverse-bound future, Suisse Blockchain will be there to provide assistance and guidance.


NULS is excited to join with Suisse Blockchain in contributing to the predictable and unpredictable shape of the future of the blockchain space.


About NULS

NULS, Singapore, provides a blockchain infrastructure boasting cross-chain consensus, a multi-chain mechanism, and smart contract support. Their combination of two blockchains, the NULS and the NerveNetwork blockchain, allows for fast speed and comparatively low transaction costs.


Its multi-chain wallet NABOX provides Suisse Blockchain with the ability to interact with multiple chains. This enables the blockchain startup incubator to host IDOs for projects from a variety of platforms and is not restricted to BNB or ETH. Being able to utilize 20+ blockchains is a technical advantage uncommon in the industry. 


About Suisse Blockchain

Suisse Blockchain is a company based in Chur, Switzerland. Founded in 2022, Suisse Blockchain is the first blockchain startup incubator created on the Swiss DLT-Law framework allowing the project to be secure and progressive when it comes to regulations. The blockchain-experienced team takes care of the creation, acceleration, and later expansion of the company utilizing one of the most cost-effective and future-proof blockchain platforms.


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Chimeras announces the launch of the open alpha version of its P2E metaverse game.

Chimeras Launches Open Alpha Version of Metaverse Game

Press Release: Chimeras announces the launch of the open alpha version of its P2E metaverse game.


Tuesday, July 5th, 2022, Mahe, Seychelles – The Chimeras Metaverse project is delighted to announce the launch of the Open Alpha version of the game. The new and updated version is already available for download by all players willing to take part in the amazing Chimeras Universe.


The update will give all players the ability to delve deeper into the lore of Chimeras and gain even more advantages for moving up the rating charts.


Joining the Open Alpha does not require players to own NFTs or stake CHIM tokens. The Open Alpha version also includes positive changes and improvements. Among them are vastly updated sound settings, new quests, and new game bonuses for players that give the opportunity to win valuable prizes.


As an added piece of game content to help flesh out the world of Chimeras, the team invites everybody to enjoy the full-length cinematic trailer on YouTube. The full video is now available on the official Chimeras YouTube channel, showcasing the game’s exciting battle mechanics and extensive functionality in gorgeous detail with a healthy zest of humor.


Chimeras players can also download the mobile app for Android phones, with the iOS app set to be made available shortly!


How to Register? 

To participate in the Open Alpha, players have to undergo direct registration by email on the Chimeras official website – a straightforward and hassle-free process.


Depending on the method of registration in the game during the Open Alpha period, players receive certain in-game bonuses. 


All participants of the Open Alpha who hold more than 300 CHIM tokens in their wallets will be eligible for a bonus Chimera. The unique creature will allow its holders to achieve better results throughout in-game progress and give them more chances to claim higher spots on the leaderboards. Free registration will provide no bonuses for the Open Alpha period.


Awards and Ratings

The Open Alpha version of Chimeras retains the Leaderboards showcasing top-performing players. The Leaderboards will be available on the project’s official website and be updated in real-time. However, the criterion for determining a player’s place in the Leaderboards rating is a currency created specifically for the Open Alpha – meet the Alpha Medal (non-NFT)!


Players will receive Alpha Medals from 3 main in-game sources:

  1. As part of rewards received from loot boxes for Chimeras’ shifts worked out in Mines.
  2. Crafting as part of Alchemy.
  3. As part of quest rewards.


All Alpha Medals are displayed as numerical values on the official website Leaderboard opposite the player’s nickname. Players are already familiar with such a depiction of ratings since it was previously applied to the Portal Stones.


As the Open Alpha completes, players receive rewards depending on their place in the Leaderboards. The rewards include CHIM Tokens, Chimeras, Chosen Ones, and unique Account Avatars.

On a special note – all players who manage to score rankings from 1 to 500 during the Open Alpha will receive special NFT avatars that they will be able to use as their profile picture in the game. Such a unique feature will instantly position them as distinguished members of the community and honorary ranking holders on the Open Alpha Leaderboard.


The quest system remains unchanged in the Open Alpha. All quests are posted on the personal account, and players are free to fulfill their conditions in the game. Players who fulfill the quests will receive the promised in-game prizes.


It’s Finally Here!

The Chimeras Metaverse Team is delighted to have reached the Open Alpha version stage and welcomes all players to join the game and dive into the exciting gameplay, enjoy the stunning graphics, and have fun in this vast, open world!


The Open Alpha is a more inclusive Alpha version that gives all players the ability to join, enjoy the game and provide invaluable feedback. The main purpose of the Open Alpha is to test the game’s technologies and mechanics on a larger number of users and allow the team to improve the product from a technical perspective, thus preparing it for Global Launch with a smooth transition for all players.


The Global Launch of the game, once it is ready for full deployment, will give players the chance to enjoy an even more advanced version of the product with more features, including real mining and direct earnings. This is set to take place in a few month’s time! 


Chimeras welcomes all players to take advantage of the new opportunity to win amazing prizes in the Open Alpha and propel their in-game progress like never before!


For more about Chimeras and the launch of the Open Alpha version of its metaverse, visit their main website here


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