Binamon’s Monster Metaverse Tops ERC-721 Transactions on Binance Smart Chain

Press Release: Binamon is a complete metaverse that pits mythical monsters in an all out battle for dominance, and has recently topped the ERC-721 transactions list on BSC.

19th June 2021, Tallinn, Estonia: Gamers can enjoy fighting their unique virtual creatures leveraging Binance Smart Chain blockchain and reap rewards as their dragons, hippogriffs, unicorns and other monsters win battles that are easy and fun at the same time. In 48 hours, Binamon became the ERC-721 token with the most operations on the Binance Smart Chain, representing a huge leap forward in uptake and promise for the project.

Binamon Battles

Binamon is not just another blockchain game, but a complete metaverse that has existence in a virtual world and the real one. The gaming platform offers players to buy unique and different creatures, with the ownership represented by NFTs. At the same time, owners are delivered a physical version of their creatures to their homes.

Battles happen in a smart contract, where players wager the Binamon native BEP20 BMON token. The smart contract algorithmically determines which of the monsters will win through the critically acclaimed Unreal Engine using four different characteristics:

  • Class: Each class of a monster has a baseline value, which determines their traits
  • Attack: Stronger attacks will deal higher damage, to wipe foes out quicker
  • Hornpower: A resistant characteristic which helps monsters absorb or deflect attacks.
  • Element: Elemental powers give bonus effects to monsters’ attacks.

The smart contract burns a very small amount of BMON for a battle to commence. A winner takes all, fights are ensured to be fair by matching similar strength creatures. Weaker monsters are incentivized however by a higher reward than others in case they win.Binamon also has a multiplayer mode with many adventures that gamers can play for hours.

Minting Monsters and Other Benefits

Binamon has a dedicated smart contract called Booster that is used to create the NFTs that represent the creatures. Players will deposit the required BMON token in the contract and it will use a randomizer to mint three different Binamons, each with different characters and powers. Should players require a physical version of their NFT based monsters, they can always order one and it will be delivered to them.

At the same time, users of the Binamon platform can create ingame assets. These assets will be different items that can be coupled with the monsters to increase and enhance their powers. Players will also have the option to sell items and assets they create or no longer need, creating a whole new economy and a way to earn.

Binamon will also hold a lottery at different times. Players who participate will have a chance to win specific upgrades to their monsters and enhance their chances of winning battles.

The Binamon mobile app will also serve as a digital wallet, where gamers can store their BMON tokens and access the battles and marketplace to buy, sell and trade their creatures and items. Binamon will also leverage DeFi and the NFTs representing monsters can be staked for passive income.

With a unique approach towards fantasy gaming, Binamon not only offers a game where players can live out their fantasy of battling their creatures against others, but also earn and even own a real world action figure, transcending the boundaries of the digital world and stepping into a metaverse.

To find out more information, visit the Binamon website:

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Nugenesis Lays Foundation for Protecting Free Flow of Crypto Information

Welcome to Crypto – the world of misinformation. What is actually real in the crypto realm?   Are crypto influences manipulating the space, to deepen their own pockets? Is there room for the little guys, who have great tech but without the deep pockets? Are we beholden to the influence of people like Elon Musk and the like?

In the largely unregulated world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, fraudsters are quickly getting rich by deliberately spreading false information which affects the price of their holdings using social media, scam news sites, and private chat apps.

In the wild world of cryptocurrency trading that is largely untouched by regulation, the spread of fake news and unsubstantiated rumours is becoming common practice,  with many bad actors looking to prey on novices.

It’s the perfect environment in which to proliferate misinformation – it’s mercurial, confusing, and full of uneducated, overeager traders hoping to strike it rich.

“A lot of this falls on the fact that people need to be more sober-minded in the space,”

said Laz Alberto, a cryptocurrency investor and editor of the newsletter the Blockchain Report. “A lot of conversations that I hear start with ‘my friend says’ or ‘I saw this on Twitter’ or ‘I saw this in a Telegram group.’ Before listening to anyone in crypto, you have to learn firsthand.”

But learning takes time and finding good information can try your patience — particularly when it seems as if everyone around you seems to be making money hand over fist by acting on the latest blog or tweeted investment tidbit. Usman Chohan, an economist and researcher at the University of New South Wales, compares the current hysteria to the “irrational exuberance” of the dot-com era, where paper fortunes rose and fell based on an illogical, capricious market.

Last August, the Securities and Exchange Commission warned about cryptocurrency fraud and ICO-related scams on its public investor site, noting that bad actors engage “in market manipulation, such as by spreading false and misleading information about a company.” Still, the S.E.C has only announced charges against one alleged ICO scam, and it’s unclear what government agency would have the jurisdiction over, or interest in, in the ‘pump and dumps’ that happen daily via Telegram groups.

“There are frankly a lot of groups that have now cantered around misinformation,” said Alberto.

“It’s obviously illegal, but there’s no regulation and they’ve gotten away with it.”

So what is the solution?

During an earlier interview with the team of Nugenesis, we came to learn about the social media platform, designed to make crypto enthusiasts aware of what is happening in this space.

Just Social is also giving a free medium for great projects to be announced. Projects that otherwise  – for lack of funds – would not make it out of the design stage.

When we asked CTO Luay Mohsen about what issues he believed the current space had, he replied: “If companies like ours, that have been in the space for years and who have fully built their technology, find it impossible to advertise on some of these channels – not for a lack of finances alone, but for lack of support from the crypto media – then how can the little guys ever make it? What happened to the days of a guy in his garage who could change the world.”

“Although having a need to spend up to $8000 on a single article is devastating,  we found that working with the smaller Crypto media networks, who are passionate about the space was great – but trying to get larger crypto news sites to acknowledge the work, was close to impossible.”

So I asked Luay “Why would Nugenesis and be any different?”

Luay replied: “Our team all agreed that when we first started, money will only ever be secondary to innovation and advancements. Every developer wishes to be rich,  bit initially its more important that we understand and work to a common goal. The preservation of the space is what has to be the priority”.

“We designed the launch pads to allow great tech to get out into the world, while Just Social helps them reach the world. It also helps people make educated decisions. The less people are taken advantage of, the better the future crypto space will be.”

From our initial investigation we found that the platform provides for reviews, critiques and assessments of tech projects, the generation of an accreditation and qualification systems, and the opportunity for users to access an extensive list of news and crypto information.

Labled as the first Crypto/Tech virtual incubation and social network Centre, will become a one-stop-shop for all crypto enthusiasts. It is focused on the crypto and technology space providing users the optimal access to data, community interaction, innovative technology and multiple ways to participate including offering their services.

It will also provide access to  several launch pads for new projects known as V2R (‘Vision to Reality’) and a Fully Fledged Decentralised Crypto-fiat exchange – the – to maximise the liquidity and capital flow for innovative tech to realise its full potential.

Now THIS  is a project we will continue to follow closely.

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QuickX’s CNexchange Launches Automated Trading Tool in Association with Margin

QuickX has been working tirelessly towards mass acceptance of crypto currencies globally. And in lieu of this endeavor CNexchange has been its major and a successful armor. On 17th June, 2021 CNexchange has launched on its platform the Automated Trading Tool in association with Margin. Yet another initiative to ease the crypto trading for its users. 

Having been successfully operating in the market for about a year CNexchange, founded by Fintech Entrepreneurs Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha and Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha has been doing rounds in the news and industry for its unique offerings and success. Within six months of launch, profits of the exchange increased by 520%. Along with which comes its other offerings like buying crypto currency using the Debit Card, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and SEPA. Users can also exchange the crypto currencies in the safest way using DEX. 

Post the announcement of the upcoming launch of the Automated Trading Tool, the users were very much looking forward to what is in store for them. And with its association with Margin; an organization that is known for its quality trading terminals, CNexchange has successfully launched one of the smartest and affordable Automated Trading Tools.

With this launch, the users can now choose the package that best suits them with an annual membership at once and no renewal hassle for the remaining year. One of the key highlights of this Automated Trading Tool is that the users can automate their trading strategies using the one that they find best. From a variety of trading strategies available like the Ping Pong Strategy, wherein the users can run multiple bots on one single pair to create a feathered effect or the Bollinger Band Bot where the users can protect themselves with an in-built stop loss using the Terminal. There are various other strategies available for the users as per their requirement and for those who are just starting out there are tutorials also. 

They can manage all the exchanges from one platform. The users can now not only automate their trading strategies, but also trade crypto currency at utmost ease. This trading tool supports various global and well known exchanges, to name a few there is Binance, Bitfnex, Bitmax, KuCoin, Coinone, Coinbase Pro, Bitpanda Pro, LAToken, Bithumb Global and many more. 

CNexchange has eased up the entire trading process for its users and that too in an efficient manner in association with Margin. 


QuickX has been working towards mass acceptance of crypto currencies globally through its various crypto centric products like CNexchange, QCXP Token, QuickX Mining Watch, QuickX Hardware and Software Wallets and QuickX Payment Gateway. QuickX has also been facilitating faster blockchain transactions. QuickX has been deriving something new and innovative every now and then for its users to make best use of all the offerings. 

For more information, please visit the official website of QuickX and CNexchange and


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Break a Sweat and Score Big with the 1xBit EURO 2020 Tournament

Bitcoin Press Release: It’s time to own the field by joining the EURO 2020 1xBit tournament and making it count! 

17th June, 2021, Limassol, Cyprus — Not good at playing soccer? No problem! You can showcase your swift decision-making skills and strategic gameplay abilities by indulging yourself in the most important sports event of the year at 1xBit – the EURO 2020! At 1xBit, we seek to create an inclusive environment for all users throughout all events that take place during the year. You do not have to be a hardcore fan of soccer to win big at the 1xBit EURO 2020 event.

After all, it is all about brushing up on the basics, understanding what is at stake, and placing your wagers at the EURO 2020 slot tournament. What’s holding you back? Our carefully thought and exciting football themed slots await you!

Are You In It To Win It?

You do not have to be a football fan to know that the game itself is intense and attracts attention across the globe. Well, the EURO 2020 slot event at 1xBit is fairly similar! It is adrenaline pumping, fiercely competitive, and will put your skills to the ultimate test.

You need to be willing to earn your place and go home with the ultimate prize on you.

When the ball drops, you know you have to kick it all the way to victory at the EURO 2020!

I’m Game Enough – What Do I Need To Know?

In order to participate, you need to play the following football themed slots:

Evoplay, Endorphina, Habanero, Red Rake, Smartsoft Gaming, Booming Games, Pragmatic Play, WM Casino, PG Soft, Spinomenal and KA Gaming have prepared the most thrilling football-themed slots for you: play them, score the most tournament points and claim you prize:

– 1st place – 100  mBTC

– 2nd place – 50 mBTC

– 3rd place – 30 mBTC

– 4th place – 20 mBTC

– 5th-10th place – 100 free spins in Primal Hunt

– 11th-20th place – 50 free spins in Book of Darkness

The FOOTBALL MIX promotion starts on June 16 and lasts till June 30.

Why should I play at 1xBit?

When it comes to soccer, 1xBit is a platform where the love for sports meets the love for dabbling in cryptocurrency and winning exciting rewards. After all, 1xBit is an online sportsbook that lets you play your favorite casino games and slots!#

However, 1xBit is unique from other online sports betting and casino game platforms.

We care about all our players, both new and old. All newcomers are rewarded with up to 7 BTC welcome bonus for the first 4 deposits. Plus, 1xBit is multi-currency friendly. We are always expanding the range of different cryptocurrencies you can use on 1xBit!

We do not believe in making you wait too long, which is why you get to access instant payouts! Additionally, your privacy is never compromised at 1xBit. You get to play and win anonymously without so much as sharing your real name!

Plus, don’t miss your chance to take part in the biggest lottery from 1xBit – EUROMANIA 2020! All you need to do is to place bets on your national team and collect lottery tickets. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning up to 3 BTC!

Join 1xBit to begin making fun memories that will last forever – it’s worth every kick!

Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Anastasia Semenova

Contact Email: 

1xBit Socials

Website | Blog | Twitter | Telegram

1xBit is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest

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ZoidPay Brings Crypto Shopping to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Over 40 Million Online Retailers

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Bitcoin Press release: The ZoidPay platform enables users to use their cryptocurrencies to shop at some of the world’s leading retailers, pay everyday bills, subscriptions, and even groceries.


17th June 2021, Bucharest, Romania ZoidPay, a company focused on crypto mass adoption, is launching a platform where consumers can shop using their digital assets from any big retailer across the world, including Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.


ZoidPay: A Pioneer For Mainstream Crypto Adoption

ZoidPay has begun building an entire ecosystem around the global shopping experience, complete with staking and DeFi mechanisms. Since its incorporation in 2018, ZoidPay has been developing a series of innovative solutions with the purpose of making cryptocurrency easily accessible for daily use.


Making a Global Impact in E-commerce

A recent global survey by MasterCard showed that 67% of millennials were more open to using cryptocurrency today than they were a year ago. Despite growing interest, use-cases for consumers to spend cryptocurrency are still limited.


ZoidPay aims to answer this increasing demand by leveraging its e-commerce solution to bring crypto retail spending into the mainstream, and increase adoption in the process. ZoidPay blends shopping with staking and other DeFi integrations, creating a unique, personalized user experience. Users can enjoy enhanced benefits, such as crypto cashback, lending, global marketplace access, and more, adding a whole new dimension to their shopping experience.


Online and in-store Retail Shopping Revolution

The next development from ZoidPay will be the launch of a Google Chrome extension and Marketplace. This will enable millions of people to buy anything from anywhere in the world with their cryptocurrencies, just by connecting their existing wallet. ZoidPay is a potential game-changer for the everyday crypto enthusiast who is looking for a safe, simple solution to use their digital assets for everyday expenses.


ZoidPay users will be able to buy a new laptop from Amazon with Bitcoin, pay their Netflix subscription with BNB, or buy weekly groceries with Ethereum. Brick and mortar shops can easily accept crypto payments by simply downloading the ZoidPay Wallet that turns any smartphone into a POS while availing the ecosystem benefits.


The biggest advantage that ZoidPay has over other existing alternatives is its interoperability between wallets and exchanges. The ZoidPay platform will allow users to connect to the Chrome Extension with any wallet, enabling easy integration with the Extension and the Marketplace to offer instant liquidity.


Eduard Oneci, Zoidpay Co-Founder & CEO stated:


“The focus at ZoidPay from the start has been on building a platform that’s easy and safe to use, both for the consumer and the retailer. Using our native ZPAY token, consumers can avail of massive discounts from retailers, zero transaction fees, and benefit from staking rewards. We are excited about enabling the biggest transition from FIAT to crypto in the next decade. And our journey is just getting started.” 


A Smooth Transition From FIAT to Crypto

With more people already using crypto than ever before and more planning to use it in the next year, ZoidPay offers the market a viable solution. The ZoidPay platform offers ease of use, security, low-cost transactions, and other features revolving around a customer-centric model.


For more information, please visit the official website


ZoidPay Socials

Twitter  | Facebook | Instagram | Telegram


Media Contact Details

Contact Email:


ZoidPay is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest


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With Strong Earnings, User Growth, and Recognizable Brand Partnerships, Decentral Games Is A Well Positioned Next Generation Blockchain Entertainment Platform

Fig 1: DG Treasury Growth Chart measured in USD value. The treasury has grown exponentially since its inception in Dec 2020 contributed by the profit growth and the appreciation of the assets. The downward trend in May is driven by the downswing of the crypto market. 

Decentral Games ($DG) has ambitious plans to disrupt the $230B casino industry by bringing the world’s most popular games of chance including Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Slots, and more to the world of virtual reality. 

With a handful of virtual casinos, and a soon-to-be virtual nightclub currently under management, legacy brands and companies are beginning to take notice of Decentral Games’ sophisticated virtual infrastructure built on the Ethereum and Polygon (Matic) network. Decentral Games recently celebrated the opening of their latest casino in the metaverse, developed in collaboration with Atari, late last month. The opening ceremonies featured DJ Dillon Francis live and drew in over 3,700 daily users and 2,500 concurrent users. This summer, they’re hoping to top that user count handily with the advent of their new virtual nightclub business, developed alongside renowned Ibiza-based nightclub brand, Amnesia, a company which has enjoyed top-tier status on DJ Mag’s high profile “Top 100 Clubs” list year after year.

Decentral Games’ slew of successful partnerships with highly visible brands across industry has accelerated user adoption, and holders of Decentral Games’ $DG token are seeing a clearer runway for growth ahead. In December of last year, the platform launched $DG, the governance token that effectively establishes token holders as co-owners of the Decentral Games business. According to the platform’s founder, Miles Anthony, Decentral Games’ mentality from day one has been to empower users, enabling them to effectively “be the house,” and $DG plays an important role in executing that vision.

For $DG investors, that means funds from the platform’s rapidly appreciating treasury assets are collectively owned. The treasury, which includes a mix of NFTs, virtual real estate, and interest generating token assets, has exploded in value from $500K to over $11M in the span of just the last four months. The Treasury’s largest assets are 1,007 parcels of virtual real estate worth ~$5.8M and $2.3M in self-staked Matic Node

In addition to these assets, the games’ earnings are significant. Stocks in the S&P 500 have historically traded around an average P/E ratio of ~15, meaning on average, investors have historically accepted that all else being equal, it will take 15 years for them to recover the amount of their initial investment through earnings alone. Growth stocks, like Amazon, routinely trade at 50+ P/E. In the case of Decentral Games, the gameplay treasury has accumulated $2.3M in 6 months, or $4.6M annualized, and, since the circulating supply is 230K, the platform is generating $20 per token per year. At today’s price of around $140 per $DG token, this means Decentral Games is trading around a P/E of 7. The market is currently undervaluing the platform’s ability to maintain and accelerate earnings going forward. Given macro and sector-specific tailwinds playing into Decentral Games’ favor, this could present an attractive opportunity to investors at current price levels. 

The casino and gambling industry has long been primed for disruption, and due to the capital-intensive nature of this business model in the real world, Decentral Games, unencumbered by debt, and in a strong capital position has the ability to remain nimble and focused on acquiring new users.

It’s potentially an even more attractive position to be in considering the platform’s fully covered operating expenses. Despite ramping up headcount in the critical marketing and product development departments, Decentral Games says their costs are fully covered for the foreseeable future through capital generated via interest bearing assets, which includes staking income generated by the company’s Polygon (Matic) validator node. The project’s strong capital position is allowing them to fully focus on acquiring users and developing new product offerings. 

Part of their forthcoming product pipeline includes a 2D casino which will allow Decentral Games to reach mobile audiences while simultaneously presenting an alternative for those less interested in the total-immersion of virtual reality. Developers are also prioritizing the development of table games such as Poker, which they feel will strengthen the fabric of their community due to the game’s social component.

Despite trading in lockstep with Bitcoin’s current price fluctuations so far, the cascade of recent positive developments for the $DG’s token suggest there is attractive long term potential, especially considering the industry tailwinds in the virtual reality sector. With the convergence of macroeconomic trends towards remote entertainment and interaction coupled with strong cash flows and co-signs from industry-leading brands, the confluence of these factors continues to drive excitement for Decentral Games’ bold vision for the future.


DG LIVE is a blockchain entertainment brand based on Ethereum, and is the parent brand of Decentral Games – the first community-owned metaverse crypto casino, where anyone can be the house. DG LIVE consists of DG Games, DG Entertainment, DG NFT’s, and DG Ecosystem. 

The company is backed by key investor Digital Currency Group (DCG), whose main subsidiary, Grayscale, is the world’s biggest bitcoin and cryptocurrency fund manager with over $45 billion in assets under management. Decentral Games is a leading metaverse project and has earned the status of becoming the world’s first metaverse employer. Thus far the project has provided 28 hosts with employment opportunities across its business lines. 


Market Landscape Analysis – Decentral Games ($DG); parent brand: DG LIVE (GenXanalytics, 2021)

Metaportal Research – All-in on Decentral Games (Dark Forest Capital, 2021)

Gabriel Mellace,

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Decentralized Gaming Platform DeFi11 Launches IDO After $3.5M Private Sale

Press Release: DeFi11, a decentralized gaming ecosystem, is introducing major changes to both revamp the platform and make it fairer to users as part of an expansion fuelled by recent funding.


17th June 2021, New Delhi, India – Fantasy sports have gained massive popularity in recent years. The market is expected to grow by 7% by 2024. However, a lack of regulation has allowed companies to exploit users. Many fantasy sports and virtual gaming platforms have been accused of publishing false volumes, creating fake winners, and misusing user data. DeFi11 was created to stop these unfair practices, providing a safe platform for the users. Powered by blockchain, DeFi11 eliminates centralization and maintains user privacy. In addition,  DeFi11 will tokenize gaming assets using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing users to access features like liquidity pools, prediction-based smart contracts, and staking.


Touted as the first DeFi-powered fully decentralized gaming ecosystem in the world, DeFi11 is introducing changes for better gamification of its platform. DeFi11’s team recently announced a collaboration with Polygon (formerly Matic) to integrate its layer 2 solution with a new protocol. The new smart contract-powered protocol aims to improve the scalability and security of the platform. Some of the core benefits that smart contracts would offer include data abuse checks and the prevention of financial fraud. The creation of dummy winners – a fraudulent practice common among fantasy games – can also be restricted using smart contracts. 


NFT and Decentralization


While NFT-gaming was always a prime feature of DeFi11, it has now decided to fully integrate NFTs into its gaming ecosystem. The tokenization of gaming assets means that NFTs can be collected and traded within the game for the first time. The introduction of NFTs will also help to create a live 3D experience in the game.


Moreover, DeFi11 is developing a revolutionary P2P interaction feature that will pioneer the prediction market. Set to deploy in phases, the P2P interaction feature will be completely self-functioning without the need for any intervention from a third party. In its bid to further decentralize the gaming ecosystem, DeFi11 is trying to open source all the platform’s code.


Recent Developments


For DeFi11, the recent months have been quite eventful. The company was the silver sponsor of the 6th Global DeFi Congress that was held in Dubai in February this year. In May, DeFi11 announced joining hands with TDeFi, a prominent name in the NFT and DeFi world that has helped many startups over the years. Through this collaboration, DeFi11 aims to further expand its NFT space. DeFi11 also announced partnering with Biconomy, a multi-chain transaction infrastructure, to solve the issue of micro-transactions within the game. Finally, DeFi 11’s most recent funding round managed to raise just $3.5 million, resources which it will use to support further development of its unique gaming platform. 


Upcoming Announcements


Indeed, over the next few months, DeFi11 will be making a number of major announcements and rolling out several new features. This includes a second fundraising round, followed by a campaign geared towards promoting its upcoming IDO. A complete overhaul of the company website, with more details and features, is also in the works. DeFi11 also announced the successful launch of its beta app on June 1.


Further down the timeline, DeFi 11 plans to launch post-IDO staking, start a referral and bounty hunting program, and announce several partnerships all aimed at boosting the platform’s userbase. All precede the announcement of the platform’s first-ever IDO, the details of which will be announced later this year. 


About DeFi11


DeFi11 is a decentralized gaming ecosystem primarily centered around fantasy sports and NFT gaming. It is powered by DeFi or decentralized finance, an umbrella of financial applications that utilize blockchain. As the first crypto-fantasy gaming ecosystem of its kind, DeFi11 strives to solve the issues of transparency, accountability, and security that often plague the world of fantasy sports.


DeFi11 offers complete transparency and anonymity to its users. It believes in complete decentralization of the platform – including P2P transactions without involving the house. Through randomized winner selection and community governance, the platform is attempting to eliminate bias and fraud. 


For more information about the DeFi11, visit their website


Follow DeFi11 on Twitter.

Stay up-to-date via DeFi11’s blog.

Join the discussion on DeFi11’s Telegram community (also available for Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam). 

Read the DeFi11 Whitepaper here.

DEFI11 is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Bringing Gamification to DeFi: ApeSwap and Seascape Announce Partnership

Press Release: ApeSwap and Seascape Network have joined forces to provide gamification services to the blockchain industry via DeFi in latest partnership.


15th June 2021, Singapore – Seascape Network, a new online platform built around the NFT and DeFi economies, has announced a new partnership with ApeSwap to bring a Decentralized Exchange, Automated Market Maker with Yield Farming and a Staking platform on Binance Smart Chain to the market.


pCWS is Seascape’s official bridged Crowns token on Binance Smart Chain, universally used on Seascape’s dApps on BSC. GNANA is the governance token of ApeSwap with a host of exclusive perks and usages. Though relatively young, these two projects have already created a great deal of value for users, with tens of thousands of holders between the two coins. 


ApeSwap and Seascape are providing a pCWS-BNB farm with rewards in BANANA, ApeSwap’s native token. Users can stake APE-LPs in exchange for BANANA rewards. Similarly, there is a GNANA staking pool in which users can attain CWS APR rewards. Over $200k in CWS and BANANA are available.


To initiate this partnership, the two teams are celebrating with a campaign to reward their users, and a NFT art competition. Users can contribute their art, and 3 winners will split a $750 prize. Winners will have their art turned into NFTs usable on their shared platforms. Stay tuned to the Seascape and ApeSwap social media accounts for further details.


“Our partnership with ApeSwap opens up a lot of possibilities for us,” says Seascape CMO Kerel Verwaede. He continued: 


“As the fastest blockchain gaming platform we are looking for solid partners we can work closely with and do a lot with, and Apeswap is exactly that.”


This partnership is one of several scheduled for Seascape over the course of summer, as Seascape joins the list of top shelf projects in ApeSwap’s #HotDefiSummer. These are early, yet promising days for the Asia-based crypto start-up.


Visit and for more information.


Follow on Twitter: @ape_swap @seascapenetwork

Read up on Medium: 

Telegram: @ape_swap @seascapenetwork


Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Kerelv Verwaerde (Seascape) / Rafiki (ApeSwap)

Contact Email: / 


Seascape Networks and ApeSwap Finance are the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.



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NFTMUSIC.AI: The Breakthrough Utility Token for the Music Industry

Press Release: NFTMUSIC.AI have released details of a new platform which enables artists the ability to control digital content using smart contracts and blockchain. 


15th June 2021, Singapore – The growth of the internet and mobile era has opened an entirely new world for creatives. While it has empowered the music industry and given it new grounds to profit from, there are still inherent uncertainties such as illegal downloads and underpaid royalties.


As the viability of the music industry in the 21st century comes under question, NFTMUSIC.AI’s mission is to create an ecosystem that safeguards all the content that everyday musicians and content creators develop, and to prevent the fruit of their labor from being taken advantage of. NFTMUSIC.AI aims to change the landscape of the music industry by empowering artists in the industry through their content, and move the musical culture forward as they do so. 


Musicians and artists have limited ways of monetizing and keeping track of their original compositions and performances because they still get ripped off their royalties somehow,” says Founder, Leon Lim. He continued:


“We built NFTMUSIC.AI to empower them to do what they do best, while using technology to solve these complex tracking and monetization problems.”


The opportunities offered by blockchain technology have enabled NFTMUSIC.AI to re-think how the music industry operates. Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, they believe that it can improve upon the current limitations of digital music distribution and create an ecosystem that will support musicians in gaining proper compensation for their work. 


Building MUSETTE: A Revolutionary and Disruptive Platform

To conquer these challenges, NFTMUSIC.AI is developing a blockchain-based ecosystem that rewards musicians and streamlines the music licensing process. 


  1. MUSETTE Live Streaming App

NFTMUSIC.AI is developing their own live streaming app, MUSETTE, which is scheduled to launch in June 2021. MUSETTE will be the stage for the world’s most amazing and talented musicians to share their love for cultivated music. The app will serve as a connection between listeners and content creators in hopes of inspiring a new generation of musicians; nurtured in an environment which encourages creativity, culture, values, discipline and greatness. 


  1. MUSETTE NFT Platform 

NFTMUSIC.AI is building a bridge between art and mankind. The MUSETTE NFT Platform makes it seamless for creators and musicians to register, sell, and buy unique works on the decentralized web. Creators can upload their creations and put them up for sale. By using smart contracts on the blockchain network, they will be able to securely prove ownership of their digital content, thereby keeping its authenticity and preventing duplication or theft. The platform also empowers creators to set their own royalties and claim a portion of the resale value should their work get resold in the future. Never in the history of mankind has this been possible, until now.


Future Plans for Mass Adoption 

NFTMUSIC.AI has created a well-defined yet aggressive and organized roadmap for the year. Being an ongoing project for less than a month, NFTMUSIC.AI has accomplished many milestones, with more to come. The team is currently building the MUSETTE platforms and rolling out marketing campaigns. 


$MUSIC: The Utility Token for NFTMUSIC.AI

MUSIC is a deflationary BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Holders will be able to use the MUSIC token to buy and sell creations to show support for their favourite creator on the MUSETTE NFT Platform. MUSIC is available for trading on PancakeSwap.  



NFTMUSIC.AI is a music ecosystem created to help musicians and creators share and trade their digital content with minimal hassle, while gaining proper compensation for their work. It is backed by MRC Ventures, a venture builder company based in Singapore.


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Media Contact

Contact Person: Toong Si En


Address: 10 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #09-68 Premier@ Kaki Bukit Singapore (415874)


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Nugenesis Proposes a Carbon Offset Solution, Through Multi Treasury Bitcoin Systems

How much energy does an industry deserve to consume? Right now, organizations around the world are facing pressure to limit the consumption of non-renewable energy sources and the emission of carbon into the atmosphere. But figuring out how much consumption is too much is a complex question that’s intertwined with debates around our priorities as a society. The calculation of which goods and services are “worth” spending these resources on, after all, is really a question of values. As cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular, have grown in prominence, energy use has become the latest flashpoint in the larger conversation about what, and who digital currencies are really good for.

First, there’s an important distinction between how much energy a system consumes and how much carbon it emits. While determining energy consumption is relatively straightforward, you cannot extrapolate the associated carbon emissions without knowing the precise energy mix — that is, the makeup of different energy sources used by the computers mining Bitcoin. For example, one unit of hydro energy will have much less environmental impact than the same unit of coal-powered energy.

Bitcoin’s energy consumption is relatively easy to estimate: You can just look at its hashrate (i.e., the total combined computational power used to mine Bitcoin and process transactions), and then make some educated guesses as to the energy requirements of the hardware that miners are using. But its carbon emissions are much harder to ascertain. Mining is an intensely competitive business, and miners tend not to be particularly forthcoming around the details of their operations. The best estimates of energy production geolocation (from which an energy mix can be inferred) come from the CCAF, which has worked with major mining pools to put together an anonymized dataset of miner locations.

As a result, estimates for what percentage of Bitcoin mining uses renewable energy vary widely. In December 2019, one report suggested that 73% of Bitcoin’s energy consumption was carbon neutral, largely due to the abundance of hydro power in major mining hubs such as Southwest China and Scandinavia. On the other hand, the CCAF estimated in September 2020 that the figure is closer to 39%. But even if the lower number is correct, that’s still almost twice as much as the U.S. grid, suggesting that looking at energy consumption alone is hardly a reliable method for determining Bitcoin’s carbon emissions.

It is estimated that bitcoin generates between 22 and 22.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year, or between the levels produced by Jordan and Sri Lanka, a 2019 study in scientific journal Joule found.

There are growing attempts in the cryptocurrency industry to mitigate the environmental harm of mining and the entrance of big corporations into the crypto market could boost incentives to produce “green bitcoin” using renewable energy.

Some sustainability experts say that companies could buy carbon credits to compensate for the impact. While the lead development team at NuGenesis believe rather than buying credit offsets, the crypto space should lead in self sustenance through innovation.  

CEO Hussein Faraj  “The crypto space, is a space of innovation, Why pay for someone’s carbon offset and gain credit, when, we can work on major solutions, including soil rejuvenation, soil micro biology and Carbon extraction. Our team has been working with Healthy Soil Australia and Regenerate Earth since as early as 2018, on solving major deficits for various countries, including prime reforestation projects and soil management. As well as remote monitoring and measuring the results through technology available to our strategic partners through Piesat “

The team of NuGenesis proposes the launch, of an Offset Carbon credit Bitcoin System, which they have developed working with Bitcoin Dev Teams.  NuGenesis Will launch the platform within 4 -8 weeks designed to be a greener bitcoin fork with the purpose of resolving the proposed issues of carbon offsets. Delivering two stages of the solution.  

  • though BitCoin NU , NuGensis has been proven that with code change alone unnecessary complexity can be removed and the consequent computational power expended.  Most of the environmental problems can be minimized.  

Mining can be achieved by ordinary users on their laptops as intended by Satoshi.  They prevent the ASIC mining that uses the unnecessary resources.  

Simultaneously, they can achieve scalability and efficient transaction speed: that is to 1 minute block finalisation, increasing the transaction speed from 45 T/per second as compared to the current 7 T/per second.  

The ‘Treasury’ Offset anti-carbon system: to offset the carbon footprint of BTC mined, NuGenesis have added an offset treasury wallet to collect a portion of mined coins to fund ‘carbon offset’ programs such as reforestation projects.  


  • through BitCoin Green, NuGenesis is currently designing 2nd phase in making Bitcoin tech completely green. This blockchain uses proof of useful work AI as a consensus mechanism.  They incorporate NAVIS (NuGenesis Artificial Validation Intelligence System) to ensure system security and integrity.  Dedicated sub-treasuries are available for specific ‘carbon offset’ projects in reforestation and soil rejuvenation.  Minting mechanisms and staking protocols replace the current halving algaorithims and complexity rates.  The speeds here are testing at 1,500-100,00 T/per second.

Carbon offests, in both chains are written into the code.  The treasuries ensure on-going funding of reforestation and soil rejuvination automatically. 

The NuGensis flagship: NU Coin

NuGenesis’ flagship blockchain, NU Coin, is a fully operational blockchain network system which is already at zero-carbon emission.  It is way past the POW vs POS debate!  

With Proof of Authority with useful work AI (Artificial Intelligence) as one of several consensus mechanisms, NuGenesis’ NuCoin uses system validator nodes running on the randomness of a round robin protocol and monitored by AI to avoid corruption.  

The streamlined validation process, through the super nodes with byzantine fault tolerance and randomness, reduces unnecessarily superfluous broadcasting through validation networks.  Being gas less, there are no requests from 1000’s of validators and fee actions.  

NuCoin integrates blockchain load balancers and system validators to efficiently flow data into infinite parallel processing blockchains. It achieves unlimited scalability and transaction speeds.  The more users, the faster the transaction speed!  

When are these projects listed? 

NuGenesis has its own European Licenced decentralised, fiat/crypto/crypto/fiat exchange called LedgerX.exchnage, which are all launching together.  

However, as a twist, as all coins use a minting system, the treasuries collecting the miner’s coins allow coins to be purchased from the system directly from the website also. 



NuCoin – Have the Aussies Built What the Blockchain World Has Been Waiting For? • CryptoMode


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